My Favorite Things – Cardstock storage

This week, the My Favorite Things Design Team is sharing many storage and organization ideas! How fun! Today is all about cardstock and stencil storage and here is how I store my MFT cardstock!

I have TONS of cardstock. I store my Bazzill and other cardstock (all mixed together) in a shelving unit, vertically. The paper is grouped according to colors. 

I decided to keep the MFT cardstock separately. I store the cardstock in a box, in the original transparent packaging: 

I put the openings of each packaging above (by chance, there are labels with the name of the cardstock on each packaging, close to the opening, so I don’t need to make my own labels). In this way, I can flip through the packs. This also allows me to keep the scraps by colors in the original packaging.   

I made a cardstock sampler with the MFT cardstock and I wrote the name of each cardstock on the backside (I also have a sampler for others companies' cardstock). 

I also made samplers with my favorite MFT cardstock combinations! Here is one of my favorite rainbow color combination made with MFT cardstock: 

Be sure to check out the MFT blog to see how the rest of the team organizes their cardstock and/or stencils! 

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Corilyn Noreen said…
Such a great idea to make samples of cardstock combinations you like!