My Favorite Things – Die-namics storage

This week, the My Favorite Things Design Team is sharing many storage and organization ideas! How fun! Today is all about Die-namics storage and here is how I store my dies!

I store my dies on magnet cards. First, I ordered magnet cards from Internet but the sizes of these magnet cards didn’t fit my needs. So my life partner was so kind to make magnet cards for me! Yay! I’m so thankful because this helps me to find my dies quickly (I have so many dies… you can’t imagine LOL) and what a wonderful way to store the dies.

He made two plate sizes (A4 and A5). At the backside, he used cardboard. For the bigger plates, he chose 2 mm (5/64 Inches) thick cardboard and for the smaller plates 1 mm (3/64 Inches) cardboard (2 mm was too thick for the A5 plates). 

These are the A4 plates (11.7" x 8.3"). I use them to store all STAX and nested shapes but also tags (from Blueprints Tag Builders for example) and other standard shapes. I sort them by shape (all squares, rectangles, circles, stars, hearts, tags etc. together). I often have more than one plate of the same type so I store them one behind the other. 

These are the smaller A5 plates (5.8" x 8.3"). I store all other dies on them: Blueprints, coordinating dies, cover-ups, alphas, etc. I keep the themed dies together. For example, all word dies, clouds, borders are together on the same plate (or on several plates one behind the other if there are many dies form the same type). These A5 plates are perfect to stick two cover-up Die-namics side-by-side! 

Here is another example of an A5 magnet card with Blueprints. On the backside, I always write the name of the Die-namics set (and how many dies are on the plate) and I fix an envelope OR a clear pocket with Scor-Tape. These pockets are perfect to store the die-cuts I didn’t use.

You can find these clear pockets HERE at the MFT store! 

I store all my dies in two grey RÅSKOG trolleys from Ikea!

My MFT dies are on top of each RÅSKOG so I can easily flip through my MFT die collection

I also have an inventory of all my craft stuff on my computer. Of course, not only MFT stuff, but from everything: stamps, dies, paper, inks, tools, etc.

So for example, each time I get new MFT stuff, I upload an image on my computer. I save these images in a MFT file with the name of the set. Sometimes, I add keywords (Halloween, birthday, text, clouds, tree, scene, die). It makes searching for something in particular easier. Here (check the screen shot), I was searching for "STAX" and in this way, I could see all STAX dies I have on my screen in a few seconds. Of course, I do the same with my stamps, inks and cardstock. Another example: I have many dies and stamps (from MFT and other companies) that I use to create scenes. If I want to use a tree on my card, I can enter two keywords on my compuer "tree" and "scene" and in a few seconds, I can see all tree dies or stamps that I have and that would be great for scenes. The keywords are very important for me! 

By chance, I started this inventory years ago. So it takes only a few minutes to uplaod the images each time I get something. :-)

Be sure to check out the MFT blog to see how the rest of the team organizes their Die-namics!

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Susanne Vargas said…
Your magnet plates sound fabulous! Maybe your life partner could start selling them... ;)
And to have all your supplies on the computer must make it a lot easier to find the perfect item for a project! Your system is very impressive!
Dee Earnshaw said…
Wow, love how you have organized your dies. The idea of logging everything onto your computer is so clever!!!!
Stephanie said…
Ha, liebe Francine, das nenn ich mal organisiert! Und weisst du was? Wir könnten (beinahe) Zwillinge sein... Ich benutze auch Magnet Sheets (von einer Rolle selber zugeschnitten) jedoch jedes Set in einer A5 Hülle wie die Stempel. Und auch ich habe all meine Dies, Stencils und Stempel im Computer gelistet - wir wollen ja nichts doppelt bestellen, nicht war? *grins*
Ganz herzliche Grüsse
Pia Larsen said…
This is awesome with the magnet sheets. Where do you buy the big magnet sheets? I can't see a link in your blog post for this.
It would be absolutely perfect if it turns out you have purchased the magnet sheets in Europe as I live in Denmark.
Thanks for the great storage tips!
Mendi Yoshikawa said…
This is wonderful Francine! I'd be curious where you found the big magnetic sheets too. I do something similar with my organization on the computer and I can't tell you how many times I've used it! Adding the keywords sounds like something I will have to do next. ;)
Parker said…
I love the idea of organizing like-shaped die sets with each other on a single magnetic sheet. Super tip that I will be incorporating in my organization. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Mary-Anne V said…
Great ideas...where do you buy your magnets from.
Catharina said…
Which computer program do you use to categorize your inventories?